I’ve been searching for the moon every night lately.

It all started one night while in the shower. The day was rough and I didn’t feel up to life at the moment. The stress of the day was pretty much unbearable. Washing my body I stared looking and around at my surrounding — trying to get my mind off the aniexty. My eyes worked their way up to the window above the shower and there the moon was. Perfectly centered in the window. I just stood there for a moment as the warm water beat down on me taking in my view. This vast being looking down at me, and I but a small thing in its presence.

I seldom look for the moon. I forget it is even there most nights. I pay no attention to its rise each night and fall each morning. It is the only thing I have ever come in contact with that falls every single day, just to get back up to shine every single night. It has no other choice. It is needed, depended on; from animals, to insects, to plants, to humans, to its other half — the sun. What a breathtaking,mysterious and incrediable thing the moon is I thought.

The moon grounded me that night. It reminded me of life’s bigger picture. It put things into a different prespective for me. It taught me that this one bad day was just that — a bad day. And just as the moon falls tomorrow, I will rise to another day. And the moon falls so that I can have a new day. A new day to let it go in any direction I so choose. Why would I take for granted what the moon (and the sun!) do for me every day? And I never even have to ask them to be there, they just are.

I was thankful for and to the moon in that moment. He made the stress of a bad day go away. I thought about all the different types of people — men, women and children — who were looking up at the sky that very moment admiring the same moon I was. And I wondered how many of those people were feeling the same things I were and having the same thoughts I were having. Many of them I thought and then I didn’t feel so alone.

In an unspoken way, the moon brings people together because when we look up, we are all looking at the same moon.

Since that night, I’ve made friends with the moon. I look for him whenever I feel the weight of life to be too much. When I find him I remember that this feeling is just temporary. The bad has to come so we can appreciate the good. That these feelings don’t last and I am filled with enough strength to move past them. All this is only temporary. One bad day isn’t the end.

This is something no one but the moon could have helped me with. I needed something larger than life to make me realize these types of things.

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Sincerely, G.

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