An inevitable skill set for the class of 2024

In the absence of an easy path, sometimes we have no choice but to soar

Six months ago, if someone had described the plight of my son’s first semester in college, I wouldn’t have believed it. Yet here we are in a world of makeshift rules and scant amenities. After exhausting our three hour window for an isolated move-in process, I left my son curbside in front of his new, scarcely inhabited dorm. There were no warm welcomes or festive hallway embraces. Instead, there was an empty concrete walkway on which I left him, alone and quiet. As I caught my last glance of his big…

During my last two decades working in the world of construction, I’ve witnessed the field evolve tremendously in terms of trends and technology. The building industry has always been fueled by innovation, art, and craftsmanship, but it hasn’t necessarily been known for it’s social modernity. When I started out as a young female construction business owner, I felt like an unwanted outsider in an old school man’s world.

I’d set foot on a residential job site, and the construction crews would assume I was the homeowner’s wife or the children’s babysitter. I’d arrive armed with concrete solutions for job obstacles…

Gianna Vallefuoco

As an Entrepreneur, Mindfulness Teacher, and Artist, Gianna encompasses art, yoga, and neuroscience, to teach how to optimize the brain for creativity & change.

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