How the world sees you. A book full of gold.

To succeed, you need to overcome distraction, competition and the threat of being a commodity.

Let’s say you’ve finally finished that novel you’ve been working on. How can you get it published and get on your way to becoming a famous author?

There are three things you must be aware of.

First, you have to overcome the distractions that can keep people from connecting with your ideas.

It’s difficult to get someone to pay attention to your ideas if they don’t listen or bother to look at the portfolio you sent them. So, to get your message out there, you have to grab their attention right off the bat.

Sadly, the average attention span has shrunk to a mere nine seconds! So, if you want to have an impact on your audience, you have to act quickly and start strong. And if you’re trying to sell that novel, one way to grab a publisher’s attention is to start the book off with a memorable and captivating opening.

Second, avoid the competition by creating your own niche.

There are plenty of competitive entrepreneurs out there today, each fighting to be the best in their field. But no matter how hard they try, there will always be someone better.

You’re best off avoiding the desire to outperform everyone by trying to be the world’s best. Instead, you should aim for success by being different and creating a niche that plays to your own unique set of skills. Rather than trying to top Ernest Hemingway, embrace your own quirky writing style or subject matter and attract readers by setting yourself apart from the rest.

Finally, avoid being perceived as a commodity.

Commodities are replaceable and thus, if you’re perceived as one, you’ll end up losing clients to competitors. To find long-term success, you need a loyal customer base; otherwise, you’ll always be searching for new ones, which is a costly and time-consuming process.

To retain your customers, become the opposite of a commodity — become someone special to them.

You can do this by connecting with your customers and showing them that you care. If you encounter a complaint, respond personally. And if you get a letter from a reader, reply thoughtfully and start building a loyal fan base.

Source: Blinkist app. From the book How the world sees you by Sally Hogshead.