Readers are writers.

Insatiable and curious readers, these article is about us.

We love books.

We read a lot, driven by our curiosity and eagerness to learn.

We can jump easily from a crime novel to a travel guide, from ancient history to biographies, from music to business, from entrepreneurship to screenwriting.

We prefer to read books and materials in the original language of the author, because we believe that way too much gets lost in translation — even very good ones.

So in our bookcases and Kindle devices you will find originals of Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dumas, Manzoni, and an assortment of masters of the written word.

We read multiple books at the same time, jumping across subjects and different languages. On our bedside table we have a stack of paperbacks, hardbacks, printed PDFs. Our Kindles and iPads are stuffed full with free copies of classics from the past.

We engage on Goodreads, Shelfari and aNobii. We write reviews on Amazon, discuss plots’ turns and twists, we Google and ask Wikipedia when delving deeper into specific themes.

Beyond the reading glasses that many of us need, our most precious tool is a coloured pencil, that we use to highlight key passages, concepts, sentences or statements.

We underline and take notes to focus and memorise things.

We pace our eyes by teaching them to wait for the hand to jot down the all important note on the side of the page.

We leave it to our brain to cherish the inevitable delay and make deeper sense of what we read.

We capture the most poignant passages into our Moleskine diaries which we always carry with us, like depositaries of all the truth in the world.

We organise them into folders on our laptops and tablets, we aggregate them by theme and reference back to them any time we need to.

We dig into footnotes and bibliography references, searching for deeper understanding and proof of what we learn.

We spend hours in bookshops, browsing though a sea of choices and sometimes picking titles at random just to see what happens.

We wait eagerly for the latest book from our favourite author, but we are ready to try any new writer, especially if recommended by a fellow book lover.

In this age of electronic convenience, we still have a collection of printed books, which we occasionally smell just to recapture the fragrance of ink on paper.

We are readers. And hence we are writers.

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