Gianfranco Palumbo
Apr 4, 2018 · 1 min read

Electric car and autonomous driving tech are two very different things.

People buy a Tesla for very different reasons that buy a Nissan or Hyundai.

At least if we stayed in the new cars category, the purchase experience is complete different. See dealership vs online purchase.

Your social status increases when you buy a Tesla. It’s a premium car than very few people have. We’ll see if that’s the same with the Model 3.

Aside from the idea buyers have before they step into those cars and sentiment about the brands, the next factor to consider is technology and biases.

Me, personally I am not excited by buying a simple electric car. My dream is to buy a reliable driverless car, or even better subscribe to on-demand service of autonomous cars and other vehicles that will transport me from any place to any other with press of a button on my phone or by voice command. Imagine Netflix meets Uber but without drivers. Companies are already testings this (on the road – with casualties).

I would argue that energy efficiency and savings are not the biggest factors why people will buy electric cars. We don’t care about saving the world. (Forgetting the fact that producing lithium batteries might not be a lot better burning petrol).

We care about saving and better ourselves. We’re very bad at thinking long term, specially for others.

Finally my point is that EVs will be popular in 2030 only if autonomous cars will be popular.

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