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In my work and during my entire Design experience (Principal/Lead Designer, Creative Director, Design Teacher & Fashion Label Founder), I’ve been always fascinated and intrigued about “Time” and its own application and evolution in the holistic field of Interaction Design with focus on Digital Products.

Let’s start back, what does Time “means”?

The etymology of the word “Time”— from Proto-Indo-European *deh₂imō, from Proto-Indo-European *deh₂y- (“to divide”).

We use time by convention to divide: the years in months, the months in weeks, the weeks in days, the days in hours, the hours in minutes and so on. By result, we visually…

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In these days we are overwhelmed about all kind of -Informations about this situation the world is facing.

-Informations are coming from different source and on different scales, in the digital era the -information flow through our daily usage channels — socials, tv, news, and so — is literally increasing and shifting between sources of trust, fake news, opinions and advertised contents.

I’m a Designer, my work is to discover, analyse, empathise, define, innovate and envision through solutions — or at least should be — to improve the fulfilment of people needs — well some times even generating new needs.

Gianpaolo Tucci

I design experiences telling stories of future vision scenarios. — Digital Creative Director & Design Principal — Dog owner & father.

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