All That Xi Wants

Yesterday the headline of the CCP’s mouthpiece People’s Daily was Xi Jinping giving an important speech on the CCP senior leaders( above Provincial Party Secretary/Minister level)’s study class of Learning from Xi’s Important Speeches and Welcoming the Incoming 19th National Congress of the CCP.

This kind of bald self-promotion of personality cult is unprecendented, since even Mao Zedong himself would never sing high praise of his own speeches and urge other senior leaders to learn from them in public. This not only shows the world how desperate is Xi to promote his cult, including recent leakage of the proposed Xi-ism(习近平主义)instead of Xi-Thoughts(习近平思想)which are believed by most Chinese observers to be written into the Party Constitution in the incoming 19th National Congress (which will surely overwhelm the generally accepted core of second-generation leaders, Deng Xiaoping, who only enjoyed the Deng Xiaoping Theory, let alone Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao) and the purge of planned successor Sun Zhengcai, so as to pave the way for Xi’s maintenance of pararmount leader after 10 years term, and even life term.

However, the more desparate Xi is promoting , the more obvious is the fact that Xi failed to secure the full control. Otherwise, a competent and confident dictator didn’t need this kind of stupid farce to show his muscle. Did you witness Kim Jung Un calling upon his comrades to learn from his speeches? Furthermore, just like the history I described under my answer to What is the motivation behind the current Lei Feng revival in China? Mao at least had his close aide Lin Biao to launch the Learning from Comrade Lei Feng to promote Mao’s personality cult, where is Xi’s Lin Biao ? It is quite noticeable that Xi is so incompetent and unloved by his peers that no other standing members and members of the politburo would like to take the lead ,then Xi had to do it by himself. Even Wang Qishan, who should have been with Xi at the same boat after Guo Wengui’s whistleblowing drama, didn’t take the lead since he knew this was too stupid and Xi was biting off more than he could chew.

As an incompetent and unskillful leader without convicing achievements and abilities ,Xi is lack of self-knowledge.Now Xi is facing both major international and domesitc crises (India, North Korea, South China Sea, US trade world, economic recession and intensified political struggles,and so on),how long can he survive ?