Amir Kadir lives and breathes music.

The audiovisual engineer unveils his sonic man-cave.

A Journey In Sound

“I bought my first three records at a school flea market from a senior. They were Anthrax albums and I basically gave him the last $20 I had at that moment,” Amir recalled.

Amir considers hardcore the root of his passion for music. Malay rock music, hair metal, glam metal and hardcore punk were the foundations that initially shaped his taste.

After serving his National Service, Amir joined Borders, the American bookstore that entered Singapore in 1997 which eventually closed in 2012.

Starting as a Book Seller on the shop floor, he eventually moved to become a Music Seller before being made Music Supervisor and finally promoted to Music Manager.

Now as an audiovisual engineer, Amir is heavily involved in show and concert productions, a position that often times put him in close contact with musicians, some of whom are his favourites.

“After the Napalm Death gig in 2011, we were tearing down the venue and nobody wanted one of the publicity banners. Guess what, the band happened to walk past and I managed to have the banner autographed!” he smiled.

Amir also recalled meeting and asking Dave Grohl for an autograph in Singapore after a Foo Fighters media event in 2007.

“Encounters like these made me realised most of my heroes are human too.”

A reminder of Amir’s encounter with Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl — proudly pinned in his room.

“I don’t call myself a collector. Just call me a music lover. My records won’t get me a Ferrari, but every piece holds personal meaning to me.”

Ryan Adams’ “Love Is Hell” — an album that eased Amir through what he called “a difficult phase of his life in 2002”.

About “Larger Than Life”

“Larger Than Life” is a photography collaboration between Hear Records and Canon Singapore presented by the new EOS M6 mirrorless camera.

It is a quick visual peep into the personal moments and memories of record collectors shaped and inspired by music.

All pictures taken by Tan Shung Sin using the new Canon EOS M6.