Quek of QQ Music Store (not to be confused with QQ Music, China’s music streaming service ala Spotify) shares the background behind his foray into music and the world of records.

The Story of Mr & Mrs Quek

“QQ stands for Mr and Mrs Quek.”

The couple met in university, spending their time studying together and listening to their favourite music.

They married in 1995 and it was their honeymoon to Hong Kong that year that ignited a record collection that evolved into the QQ Music Store of today.

“We walked into a shop looking for CDs of our favourite Chinese singers and bands and were shocked to see they cost about 600 Hong Kong Dollars each!” Quek recalled.

“And there on the streets, vendors were selling the same albums on vinyl for 10 Hong Kong Dollars. It was obvious which option made more economical sense at that time.”

The vintage Gerrard 401 turntable in Quek’s house holds a history of its own. It originally belonged to Quek’s father-in-law and was only used when new records were purchased by the family: to be used to record the album into cassettes for daily listening and then stored safely away.

The Rise of QQ Music Store

In the early 2000s, Quek started buying records in bulk in the quest for the records he wanted.

“I will buy the whole lot even if it only contained five percent of what I wanted,” he said.

He also started selling on Yahoo Auctions mainly to “release” the records he didn’t want; and also to recoup whatever costs he could.

“I used to also hold an ‘open house’ once a year selling the records from home,” Quek said.

This evolved into a shop unit in Midview City, Singapore, stocking mainly Chinese titles.

Previously only open on weekends, Quek revealed QQ Music Store will shift to a new unit in the same building with expanded business hours.

Expect rarities such as original pressings of Hong Kong band Beyond’s albums at the new QQ Music Store.

QQ Music Store is now located at Blk 28, #05–135, Sin Ming Lane, Midview City.

Open from 12–6pm, Thursday to Sunday.

About “Larger Than Life”

“Larger Than Life” is a photography collaboration between Hear Records and Canon Singapore presented by the new EOS M6 mirrorless camera.

It is a quick visual peep into the personal moments and memories of record collectors shaped and inspired by music.

All pictures taken by Tan Shung Sin using the new Canon EOS M6.