Common Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Last month, I wrote a story outlining various auto insurance discounts carriers frequently offer to current and potential clients. Today, I will highlight a few common homeowners discounts.

Multi-policy discount. Like with auto insurance, many homeowners insurance providers will offer customers a discount if they have multiple policies under them. So, if you have your auto insurance and HO-3 policy with one carrier, expect to see savings.

Upgrades. Many carriers will give homeowners a discount if certain upgrades have been made to the home. Common upgrades include roofing replacement, electrical upgrades, and plumbing upgrades.

Security discount. If you have any protective devices on your home, such as a burglar alarm or fire alarm system, bars on windows and/or doors, or a deadbolt, you will often receive a discount.

Claims free discount. If an extended period of time has passed since you’ve last filed a claim (or if you’ve never filed), your carrier may give you a discount.

New Homeowner. Some carriers give first-time home buyers a discounted rate.

New Home. Newly contructed homes will receive a discount from certain carriers.

EFT or PIF. This discount applies when you either pay your insurance premium in full (PIF) or enroll in auto-pay, also often known as electronic funds transfer.

There are numerous other discounts that are not listed which may be relevant for you. So next time you shop around for insurance, make sure to ask your agent which discount options are available.

— Adrianna Lowery, P&C Agent at Gibb Insurance Agency

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