The Importance of Comprehensive Coverage

Generally, when thinking of auto insurance, you probably think of protection from an accident. You want to make sure you have enough liability coverage to pay for damages should they occur. However, another element of car insurance exists that is sometimes overlooked but, in my opinion, is just as necessary. This element is called comprehensive, or “other than collision”, coverage.

A few of our clients have called us wanting to know if their insurance policies covered thefts from their vehicles. Because their policies lacked comprehensive coverage, I, unfortunately, had to tell them no.

Comprehensive is known as “other than collision” coverage because it does just that: it protects you from losses stemming from causes other than collision. For example, if someone steals your cell phone from your car, your insurance company will compensate for the loss. Likewise, if a tornado came through your area and a tree falls on your car, then you would be covered.

Comprehensive coverage is standard in most full-coverage policies and is sometimes required for cars that still have payments. If you do not have comprehensive coverage as part of your current auto policy, I highly recommend adding it as soon as possible.

— Adrianna Lowery, P&C Agent at Gibb Insurance Agency

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