Gentrification and Ghost Towns
Emma Lindsay

The only reason whites lost manufacturing jobs is because America lost manufacturing jobs at a time when they needed affirmative action to hire non-whites. If the playing field were level in the 70’s and 80’s you’d have more non-whites in this group and the conversation wouldn’t be so easily misdirected.

The fact remains that we as a voting public are arguing about race when the real problems facing this country and the world are power and class. What we’re seeing now in the US and the UK is not so distant from the Russian or French Revolutions, where the underclass is rising up against the upperclass. When we do this at the polls though, we are still surrendering power to the power structures we are oppressed by. Its only a matter of time before this sinks in and rallies like the one in North Dakota that so clearly fit the mold of the actual class struggle underlying our problems as a country (both “liberals” and “conservatives” are on both sides of this issue) erupt into all out violence. When that happens, the allegiances to these (largely artificial) political camps will test the strength of the government. Hopefully we’ll either come to our senses and stop shouting at each other or the resulting conflict will end quickly and better than both the French and Russian Revolutions (where power was still kept away from the underclass).

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