5 Tools for Startup Students

Because it never hurt to be a Jack of all trades.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a fishing guide! Image courtesy of Pexels

If you’re working for a new company, you may be strapped for resources. Here are some tools to have an answer for any variety of tasks your boss might throw at you!

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is my lifeblood. Any and everything I have to do is put in this calendar. Reminders, project deadlines, meetings? All of these can be added in fewer than three clicks. It even provides Google Calendar invites for syncing up with team members.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a particularly underrated tool in Microsoft’s lineup. Easy organization, cloud saves, and the ability to integrate multimedia into one note page all at once. Its tab system takes care of the rest, making organization so easy you’ll probably forget what folders are.

I personally use Notebook to record my weekly debriefs as I can store them all under one divider and pull any relevant info right from the week prior and throw tags on recurring items so I can see when they’ve come up before. Oh, and it’s great for taking notes if your boss talks a mile a minute.


Dropbox is like Google Drive, but better. Dropbox’s desktop layout allows you to upload in 2 steps: open the folder, and drop it in. With Google Drive you’ll have to open your browser, head to Google, select Drive, and THEN throw your file in there. 2 steps vs. 4 steps. Take your pick.


For those with no expertise in Photoshop, or willingness to pay, Canva is a powerful tool that can be used to build quick infographics or thumbnails necessary for marketing work. The best part is this tool can be used entirely online, so there’s no need for any downloading or file organizing (until you download your files, that is.)


If you need to set up a website, I’d definitely recommend the Avada theme. Not only does it provide a crazy amount of templates — their fusion builder removes all the hassle of handling HTML or CSS and gets a functional, professional-level website up with no more than a few hours of work. All you need to do is supply the images — Avada can do the rest.

These tools are great for students and young professionals alike, but there are a variety of tools that do the same. Experiment and find what works well for you — in the meantime, these are a great start if you’re in a pickle.



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