First of all thank you for sharing such a detailed write-up with concrete examples.
Serge Doubinski

You are very welcome.

  1. ) In most companies I work with, there tends to be a monthly strategy meeting with me and the key leaders in each “pod.” To a degree, the prep materials are an executive summary, or “greatest hits” derived from the monthly strat materials. My guess is there is a day of prep to prepare for the meeting and it happens the day before the meeting.
  2. The answer depends on how new the product leader is to the organization and their stage in their career. If new on both dimensions, I tend to spend a lot of time helping the product leader to hash out a cogent description of their strategy, metrics and tactics. As they advance, I spend less time. There are a couple of things I look out for: first, you don’t want “pre-meetings” or a lot of politics in advance — I’d rather have real-time debate with one message to all within the meeting. Second, I am not a stickler for how much product leaders share in advance of the meeting, but strongly encourage them to present a subset of the materials — focus on the important stuff and the issues highlighted by questions and comments in the google docs. In many instances, the shared advanced materials are written docs — not slides. But in the actual meeting, slides help to frame the presentation, the discussion and the debate.
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