EON Source Code On GitHub

EON Source Code On GitHub.

Exscudo has published the public part of the EON blockchain source code on GitHub. It covers the rules of consensus, emission and block confirmation. The code describes the main structure of the system, and how EON works and interacts within itself, but it does not cover the full functionality of the node.

Exscudo plans to launch the EON test network in a couple of weeks after the end of the ICO. The detailed instructions to setting up regular and master nodes will be published in June.

The minimum technical requirements for setting up a node on a virtual server are the following: you will need a machine with 1 or 2 cores, 1–2 Gb operational memory with unix-support, 100–200 Gb HDD. The minimum sum required for starting a node equals 25.000 EON coins.

To learn more about the EON blockchain, watch the video!

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