Exscudo Channels: Secure Chat and Multi-currency-wallet

Channels is one single application that unites the functions of a multicurrency wallet and a protected messenger. It allows for easy access to the personal account and financial services of Exscudo. The multicurrency wallet allows users to manage cryptocurrency accounts at any place or time. It helps realize internal transfers between accounts with instant conversion on the exchange at market rate and to make payments through NFC on mobile clients (PayWave).The payment systems is integrated with the liquidity center, which allows to use the relevant exchange rate, a minimum commission for conversion, as well as to reduce the time of conversion and the time period required to transfer the funds to the account.The Decentralized messenger for secure communication and the option to make financial transactions directly in the chats. You can communicate confidentially and transfer funds safely, simply by sending a message to your contact.Besides the usual private conversations, users can create and join free and paid public and private channels. These provide a wide range of opportunities not only for cryptocurrency users, but also for media, bloggers and public figures.

How EON Blockchain Conducts Transactions of Exscudo Channels App

A user is sending a message. His or her contact is receiving the message.

1. The user enters the message and hits ‘send’ button;

2. The message is encoded with the public key of the contact;

3. The encoded message is sent to a peer;

4. The peer lists the message as ‘unverifiable’ (which is not included in the blockchain);

5. The message is transmitted to other peers;

  • a. If the message contains text, ‘5-handshake’ rule works

i. every peer chooses a random peer every second;

ii. that random peer transmits all the messages to the current peer;

iii. all the received messages are listed as ‘unverifiable’.

  • b. If the message contains a payment transaction, it will be included in the blockchain

i. the peer generates a block;

ii. the transaction in the block becomes verified;

iii. this blockchain spreads to other peers.

6. The contact`s peer receives the message;

7. The contact requests all the unreceived messages from the peer;

8. The message is received by the contact`s device;

9. The message is decoded and displayed in the chat.

Note all exscudo products are out to be released q2 to q3 of 2017!!!

Watch the demo of the powerful chat wallet to be out soon!

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