EXSCUDO is the gateway between the traditional economy and the cryptocurrency market.

One of the product of the EXSCUDO ecosystem is the exscudo exchange.

Exscudo exchange is a finance marketplace for beginners and professional traders, financial institutions and institutional investors.
• Fully compliant (complete compliance to the requirements of financial institutions).
• Serious security.
• Ultimate trading experience.

Exscudo Exchange will feature:

  • Market orders
  • Limit orders
  • Stop orders
  • Trailing Stop orders
  • Contingent orders
  • Trailing ATR orders (average true range)
  • If/Then orders
  • If/Then OCO orders (one cancels other)
  • Expiration Orders (At Opening, Close or GTC- “good till canceled”)
  • Price Alert messages
  • Order Alert activators

Coming Soon! New functions will be added to the Exscudo Exchange:

  • Full provision trading;
  • Margin trading;
  • Futures trading;
  • Options trading;
  • Settlement contracts.

The Exscudo team, strive to create a full-fledged exchange for the crypto community and they are sure their investors and traders will be very pleased.

If you would like to take advantage of all of these great features and tools AND want to trade with ZERO commission daily on the Exscudo Exchange FOREVER, then hurry to take part in our ICO!

The sum you invest becomes your daily zero-commission volume.

ZERO commission offer is limited and only available to investors who participate in the Exscudo ICO.

Join the ICO: www.exscudo.com/ico

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