Why is the Exscudo blockchain better!!!

Why is Exscudo blockchain better!!!!

  1. The transaction is flexible and fast. We can make the blockchain ‘collapse onto itself’ an infinite number of times without losing the integrity of the network.
  2. In order to provide security for the EON technology, the NaCl library is used. The algorithm of the electronic signature Ed25519 is used as a quick and strong option on the elliptical curves of EdDSA. In this way, the EON blockchain is secure against different types of cyberattacks, which is of the utmost importance today.
  3. The project is public and private.
  4. In the architecture of EON technology, there is a large potential for scalability. EON is built in such a way that even with a serious load and a large number of transactions, the core is small and slowly gets larger. All information, that could potentially lead to the fast growth of the blockchain remains outside of the system on third party services.

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