What can Children draw on CLIMATE CHANGE?

I received amazing answers when I asked children of Gatoto Primary School,Nairobi Kenya to put on paper what they think about Climate Change.The age bracket ranged from grade 1 to 7.

It was evident that through environment conservation,we can address the challenges of Global warming.They argued that solutions to this menace was through planting trees rather than cutting them,ensuring proper sanitation and so on.

Through Arts,drawing,Children can communicate their ideas to their fellows and the entire world at large.Art is rich in education and talent therefore we ought to support them realize their full potential.

In Nameta Trust, we believe in Arts to change the world.Access Arts,develop it and create social change.Do you believe that we can address the question of Climate Change through arts?Children are the future therefore we can make a world a better place to live in by supporting them!

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