BarkBath — The Portable Dog-bathing Solution You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you own a dog, then you’ll intimately understand the dread of Dog-Washing Day — it’s wet, it smells bad and it’s one hell of a mess.

Introducing BarkBath, a portable unit that uses 50 times less water than your regular bath tub, doing away with 95% of dog-wash stress as well as winning on the enviro front. What really raised my eyebrows was that this innovation is not the product of some techy start-up, but your good ol’ fashion vacuum cleaner experts, Bissel. Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

Thought Starter: Given the average 5 minute shower uses 66 litres (18 gallons) of water, could you imagine a BarkBath for humans? Perhaps not my first choice on a cold winter morning.