This Bot Analyzes Trump’s Tweets About Brands, Then Shorts Their Stocks

Texas forever. Austin based digital agency, T3, noticed an interesting trend every time Trump tweets about a publicly traded company. As soon as he talks negatively about them on his famous Twitter account, their stock goes down as much as 1%. Dubbed “Trump and Dump,” they built a Twitter bot that automatically shorts the stock of any company he talks negatively about so they can sell their stock before it goes down. With that, all profit gets donated to the ASPCA. A really smart, automatic way to stay ahead of the market before it even has time to react — and a nice jab at the new head honcho.

Thought Starter: What automated bots would you set up in your life? Could be something as simple as a text that reminds you to drink water every time you turn on your running app. Build your own at If That Then This.