Tostitos’ New Party Bag Knows When You’ve Been Drinking and Will Even Call You an Uber

In an effort to keep 25,000 drivers off the road on Super Bowl Sunday, Tostitos developed the “Party Safe” bag. On a limited edition run and only sold on SBS, the bag has a breathalizer like functionality that senses when you’ve had too much to much to drink. When this happens, it turns from green to red and highlights a unique code that gives you $10 off an Uber ride. It even has NFC technology allowing you to tap your phone to the big and quickly open up the app. In my personal opinion, it’s too much. It doesn’t even give a free Uber ride and seems like they just slapped a bunch of technologies together. However… it is an interesting way to go beyond just buying a commercial.

Thought Starter: Would this bag actually sway you to use Uber instead of drive your car? Obviously you should never drink and drive, but what kind of incentive does someone need who would do that?