Soft Drinks Are Killing You, So Why Don’t We Have A Sugar Tax Already?

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Narrative Reviews Aren’t Amazing

The Big Scary Study that’s just come out isn’t actually original research, at least not in the sense that most people think of it. If you want to look over all of the evidence for a scientific question, you can do what’s called a systematic review. Without going into too much detail, this is a type of scientific study that allows you to look over every study published on a topic and summarize all that evidence in one place.

Systematic reviews are to science what ice-cream is to desserts. The pinnacle

Decades Of Evidence

The thing about this study is that the main aim was to summarize decades of evidence on soft drinks and their impact on chronic disease. For some questions, further evidence isn’t really the issue. Soft drinks have long been established as an independent risk factor for developing everything from heart problems to knee arthritis.

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Sugar Tax

Every time someone mentions a sugar tax*, you can hear the screaming of soft drink companies from hundreds of kilometers away. “Sugar taxes don’t work!” They scream, clad in red-and-white baseball caps “They’re restrictive and useless and they impact our sales”.

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Political Madness

So why don’t we already tax sugar? Well, some few places do, but in general the political will hasn’t been there for most countries in the world. It’s easy to label sugar taxes as “nanny state” and ignore them, despite the fact that there is sound evidence supporting them from evaluations around the world.

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