The NBA roster building deficiency

The Los Angeles Lakers are a terrible basketball team. The Philadelphia 76ers are a bad basketball team. The Minnesota T-wolves are are a bad to mediocre basketball team.

All Three of these teams are in what we call a “process”. They have shiny young prospects and some future assets (mostly the sixers). The T-wolves are a little further down the line of their process and still are not likely to get the 8th (and meaningless) western confrence playoff spot this year.

There is a time bomb hidden under each of these teams, whether it’s a looming free agency for one of their young stars (which comes pretty quick), injuries, salary cap issues and impatient owners/fan bases.

Are these proceeses worth it?

What are the chances they end up a legit contender like OKC did a few years ago??

Isn’t a team like Boston playing it much smarter —mixing a group of players at their peak (IT, Crowder, Horford, Bradley) some young studs (Smart, Brown) and a few stashed assets for rainy days?

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