BTThe world’s leading edge computing engine ecosystem Chain Raptor Chain launched on the GIEX platform

Feb 17 · 1 min read

Raptor Chain (RTC) is a decentralized edge calculation based on the technology of block Chain network engine, through the POC consensus mechanism to reduce the node threshold, continuously introducing a better economic model to motivate miners to become nodes, at the same time build on the basis of the Solidity of turing-complete scripting language to support intelligent contract, these areas centralized application ecosystem. Developers using existing consensus “work force” build your own super calculate engine, POC project and pass card, by means of the calculation engine SDK, provides the basis for all kinds of POC consensus based project component force and developers, and utilization of Bandwidth, Storage, Memory and CPU, Bandwidth Storage Memory CPU BSMC) idle computing power and task in the code and input data to issue a work certificate.

The RTC recharge will be opened at 9:00 on February 24, and the RTC/USDT transaction pair will be opened at 11:00

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