An Ode of Goodbye

"Lets part from here and then"
It quietly walks away as it mumbled about the persistence of its sentence.
"Youll be just fine, you still have part of you there in the path ahead.
You wont be dead."

"Just like this?
Why dont we give a try to those paths?
We will still be alive even though we're dead inside.
Our body remains even when our soul is gone"

"Is that really what you want?
No. Im not coming in.
Sometimes you have to understand.
Youre just a dust, living on this huge dessert.
When the storm come, youre just a tiny part.

Go. Its my choice to fade away
Its my will to go, but remember that i will always stay
We wont be walking hand in hand, but me and my memories will hug you till everything ends

Good bye."

I see it walk away
I see its feet slowly but steadily walk to the path ive never been anymore.
Without turning its head back.
Not even once.

And here i am
Forced to be
To keep walking 
 And living

I dont feel like losing anything
That its just like the way it is.

But still, one question remains
“Who are we in this universe anyway?”