5 Sweet Treats for Adults This Halloween

By Savannah Sperry

The candy isn’t just for kids this Halloween. That’s right, Giftagram has you covered with gourmet treats fit for sophisticated adults like yourself. Keep reading to find out what goodies we’ve picked out for you to enjoy on this most joyous of holidays.

1. Sugarfina Spooky Sweets Coffin Bento Box — $29

Sugarfina Spooky Sweets Coffin Bento Box

This limited edition bento box is by Sugarfina, a confectionery that specializes in candy for grown-ups. Even the packaging for these sweets is in the spirit of Halloween, decorated with golden spiderwebs and shaped like tiny coffins. Of course, the important part is what’s inside–strawberry gummies that resemble zombie brains, orange gummies that look like pumpkins, and tart raspberry sugar skulls. These ghoulish gummies are so good, it’s scary.

2. Maya Brigadeiro 12 Brazilian Truffles — $24

Maya Brigadeiro 12 Brazilian Truffles

These delightful truffles known as brigadeiros are exquisitely handcrafted. Made by Maya Brigadeiros Brazilian Sweets, these chocolates were named one of the 22 best desserts in Los Angeles by Refinery29, a digital media company with a global audience of over 500 million people. This 12-piece box features six different silky, rich flavors, including sweet milk, coconut, and chocolate salted pistachio for the sweet tooth who wants to try a little bit of everything.

3. Sugarfina Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn — $26

Sugarfina Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn

Another Sugarfina classic has made our list — dark chocolate sea salt caramel popcorn. This delectable treat is full of fluffy, white popcorn coated in sweet and sticky artisan caramel. Then, it’s dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with a touch of sea salt. It’s simply popcorn perfection.

4. Epicerie Boulud Macarons — $40

Epicerie Boulud Macarons

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a French macaron from Epicerie Boulud. With their delicate, crisp exterior and buttery, smooth filling, these gourmet cookies are downright delicious. This gift box features four varieties of Daniel Boulud’s homemade macarons in seasonal flavors. These assorted cookies will be one of the most utterly satisfying baked goods you have all season.

5. Maman’s Homemade Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies — $45

Maman’s Homemade Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Maman’s famous chocolate chip cookies are little pieces of heaven. This French bakery is owned by a Michelin-starred chef, who artfully concocts these nutty, impressive cookies from scratch. Made with exquisite ingredients, these goodies are perfectly crunchy but still manage to melt in your mouth. To top it off, these treats are delivered by Giftagram in a beautiful, custom gift box.

This Halloween it’s time to spoil someone, or yourself (let’s be honest), with something yummy. Why should kids have all the fun? This holiday has essentially declared itself as National Cheat Day, and we should all honor it as such. Explore the true meaning of “treat yourself” and indulge a little extra this Halloween. Happy snacking!

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Originally published at www.giftagram.com on October 16, 2017.

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