RFID Seals Used In Life

Transport by sea plays an important role in International trade,cost competitive, suitable way for large and heavy goods.however this also some problems before.

Different goods from different freight forwarder in one container,workers should encode all details by hand,and must make sure the document is related to the right container, or once open the wrong contain,would make big mistake.people can not see what’s inside, so this mistake can not avoid. in this way, much time and labor would waste,also delay easily happen.

But nowadays,RFID technology applied in transportation, decreased a lot of mistakes. use rfid cable seal encoding all information of goods in the container,without open, just scan it with an rfid reader, you can get details what’s inside.once get the right container, open it, the rfid cable seal will be invalidated.at the same time, rfid cable seal made of steel,can not easy be broken on the way.

According to this application, people also use it for electricity meter & water meter,make it safety,and efficiently.