How To Make DIY Idols To Gift To Your Near & Dear Ones.

Diwali is the joyous time of the year when people light up their homes, visit their near & dear ones & Diwali gifts to each other. If you are searching for some ideas for Diwali gifts, we can help you. We know that it can be difficult for you to think about novel gift ideas every year. Your gifts can be something that can make the receiver feel content & elated. So why not gift your loved ones idols of deities? These can be auspicious gifts & the ones you gift them to will love them.Today we are going to teach you to make adorable Ganesha idols on your own. Excited? Read on to know more;

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1. Ganesha idols are great gifts to present to your loved ones. They are very auspicious & everyone loves to receive them. So let us learn how to make one! You will need some modelling clay — a lot of it (depending on the size of your idol), some toothpicks, a rolling pin, strong glue, a waste CD& fabric or acrylic paints. So do gather up all these supplies before you start making a Ganesha idol! Anyone can make these, kids as well as adults, as they are easy to make & all they take is a creative imagination. You can also keep a Ganesha picture or idol along to refer to it.

2. Now that you must have arranged for all the supplies, start by making a base for your idol. Take out a small portion of the clay & roll it into a ball. Flatten it using a rolling pin & roll it into a round shape so as to cover the CD. Make sure to keep the base about ½ cm thick or more. Glue this flattenedclay onto the CD with a strong glue. Remove the excess clay from the edges of the CD to make your sturdy base.

3. Now you can start with the actual idol making. Place your ready base beside you &take a significantly big portion of clay to make your Ganesha’s body. Roll the clay into a ball. Insert toothpicks into your base & ensure that they are firmly held into it.Now push this ball of clay onto the toothpicks to keep it securely held. Shape Ganesha’s chest &make sure that your idol has a big stomach so mould it with your hand accordingly. Similarly take out balls of clay to make Ganesha’s hands, legs, head, trunk, ears & so on. Give the clay the desired shape with your hands. Refer to the picture of Ganesha you have with you.Make jewellery for your Ganesha using thin strips of clay. Give them designs using toothpicks.

4. Finally paint your idol with some fabric or acrylic paint. You can also paint Ganesha’s ornaments using glitter paint! You can also use clean natural clay to make your idols instead of modelling clay.

So make these pretty idols to give then away as Diwali gifts to your loved ones! We are sure you will have a lot of fun. Give these a try!

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