Learn To Make Sinfully Delicious Chocolates And Sweets This Diwali!

Diwali — The festival of lights! Young or old, irrespective of age, everyone gets delighted before it’s arrival! This is the time when people clean & decorate their homes, send diwali gifts online, visit the homes of near & dear ones & gift mithai& sweetmeats to each other!Sweets form an irreplaceable part of this festival & that is why sweet shops & online stores have so many orders during Diwali time. This year we have some diwali chocolate & sweet recipes for you if you want to try your hand at some. Gift your loved ones the sweets you have prepared — ones with your unique touch! Read on to make sinfully delicious ones;

1. Pedas are the traditional sweet in India so why not make chocolate pedas as a Diwali treat? To make this sinfully delicious sweet, add khoya(1 cup) & sugar (1/4th cup) to a pan & heat & stir till the mixture melts & leaves the sides of the pan. Add in cocoa powder (2 tbsp) & cook for a minute. Take the mixture out onto a greased plate& cool. When warm shape into pedas& cover with silver foil & add chopped pistachios on each peda!Send diwali gifts onlinealong with these pedas. Everyone will love these.

2. Make coconut & sesame ladoos! Dry roast sesame (2 cups) in an pan for 3 minutes till they take on a golden colour & add coconut (grated, 1 cup). Mix well. Add sesame to a mixer & grind to a powder. Add coconut & sesame powder to a bowl & add chopped dates (1 cup). Mix everything well & roll into ball. Roll the ladoo in dessicated coconut! You can also dip part of the ladoo in melted chocolate to make it more yummy!

3. Chocolate gujiyas are another treat for Diwali! Take flour (1/2 cup), ghee (1 ½ tbsp)& salt to a bowl & knead into a hard dough& leave it to rest. For the filling add mava (1cup) to a pan & cook till brown in colour. Add sugar (1 cup)& cardamom powder & cook well. Turn off the heat & add chocolate chips (1/4th cup) to it when cooled. Make a small roti out of the dough & add filling to it & seal the sides. Fry in oil till it’s golden brown. Dip the gujiyas in sugar syrup later. Garnish with melted chocolate &pistas!

4. Chocolate sandesh is another favourite with kids as well as adults! Make it by crumbling paneer (1 cup) & sugar (4 tbsp) &vanilla extract to a pan. Cook the mixture till it forms a sticky mass. Take it off the stove, mix well & add a pinch of cinnamon powder & cocoa powder (2 tbsp). Knead & make balls & sprinkle with confetti or chocolate chips!

5. Mug cakes are a delicacy nowadays. They are simply mini versions of cakes made in a mug& are a must try. Make a Diwali specialnutella chocolate mug cake for your guests. For this you have to add in multipurpose flour (1/4th cup), some unsweetened cocoa powder (2 tbsp) in a mug, 1/4th tsp baking powder, some salt to taste& sugar (granulated,2tbsp) into a mug. Mix all these ingredients well &add in milk (2–3 tbsp), vegetable oil (2 tbsp) to it & mix. Then add the main ingredient — nuterlla or any other hazelnut spread (2 tbsp) & mix the batter. There should be no lumps in the batter. Cover with a baking paper sheet & microwave it for a minute on high power. Let the cake rest for another minute & have a delicious cake ready to serve to your guests. One mug cake serves one, so make several, keeping the number of guests into account. This cake is light, spongy & easy to make in a jiffy, in case you run out of them. Serve with a dollop of hazelnut spread over it or vanilla icecream!

So send diwali gifts online & pack some of these sweets for your near & dear ones & make this Diwali an extra sweet one! Have a very happy Diwali!

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