What Women Want From Men ?

What women want from men — The title itself is enough to catch the attention of all the men out there! Men almost always seem to complain that they are clueless about what a woman exactly needs from them. Men do not know how to interpret certain behavioral traits of women & are seldom sure about the right anniversary gifts, birthday gifts etc!

We agree that it can be pretty confusing to a man to know all this, but we are here to tell you that it is pretty easy. Women do not ask for a lot — you just have to learn to decipher her subtle signals. Now every woman is different, but today we are here to let you read through some of the common things woman want from men — a list complied by women (so you can trust this one!) Read on to know;

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The things we are about to list today (compiled by women) are something that every man can give to their partner!We are not talking about anniversary gifts or any other gifts that women might want! These are small things with great emotional value. The number one thing women want is loyalty — big time! Loyalty is hands down the thing women crave for from their partner. A woman wants you to respect her relationship with her & wishes that you stay loyal with her only. Do things that will demonstrate this to her.

Pay your full attention to her when you are with her, make her feel unique etc.Care for her! Caring for her means to do the things for her which she can probably do by herself, but you do it for her anyway. Doing these things for her will make her feel that you care. Small things matter like opening doors for her, pulling her chair for her etc.

Women love to be showered with this extra attention.Another thing women want from the men in their lives is respect! Everybody wants to be respected not just women. Practice respect by listening to what she has to say without interrupting her & calmly explaining what you have to say later. Also whenever she has an opinion in things which may concern you, do not belittle her. Listen to her, she may actually be able to help.

Respect her opinion!Honesty is another factor women find admirable. Whatever you have to say, do not make excuses for the truth, be honest & let her know everything! This will make her realise that you find her trustworthy & worthwhile to let her know the truth. This does not mean that she wants to know every tiny detail in your life — she only wants to know the truth about things concerning you & her & transparency between you two.

These are some of the things you should give to the women in your life along with anniversary gifts etc. She will definitely love this change in you & will cause you more for these traits more than anything else!

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