We always assume doing bad (evil) thing is easy, and doing the right (good) thing is hard. Are we?

Recently I read someone stories about it. When we are on the edge of the cliff, we tend to chose the easy way. The question is:

Is it the easy way is doing the bad thing?
Why we put “doing the right thing" as the hard decision to take?
Why we feel easy taking the consequence of doing the bad thing?
Is it because we are used to it?

If so, let me share my experiences.

Doing whatever things will be easy for me if I don’t have to think about the consequences and results. Things that have bad consequences will usually not be worth the results, and good results do not have bad consequences for anyone.

If you feel hard to do the right thing, or if you chose the easy way at critical times, think about the consequence, is it good for me or is it bad for anyone?

Try to change your mindset, to be difficult to accept things that are bad for anyone, then you will tend to do the right thing in your life, because you know it is good a thing to do.