Is Gifting ‘Diaries’ a Dead Option?

If you ever said to your team, “Hey, guess what! Here is our company logo embossed corporate diary as a gift to you!”; this is the response you are most likely to get:

or may be something like this:
But let us break the notion for those living in the digital cocoon and share with you the requests and responses we get as a corporate gifting brand.
“We are looking for diaries as a gift for our clients…”
“Do you have any other color or size in diaries… we are gifting it to our employees. We are celebrating our 9th anniversary.”
“My team keep asking me for a good diary which they can carry around in meetings and conferences… suggest me a compact one with good customization options…”

Over the last few years, we at CGS (a gifting initiative by have been constantly working towards proposing creative and ‘unique’ gift ideas that disrupt the brand perspective and enable ‘gifting’ as a form of marketing and brand communication, breaking out of just another ‘need-to-gift-something’ routine.

But as one go deeper into the equation, the demand for diaries have not only sustained and surpassed all other creative offerings, but has also changed its own face, by going through subtle yet impressive transformations to stay desirably relevant amongst other contemporary choices.

The competition is stiff, but it looks like the corporate diaries were preparing for an answer for a really long time now. Soft cover diaries with many shades of colors, flexible leatherette looks and digital printed notebooks with options to go with Kraft covers are some of the preferred options replacing hard-bound ones that once ruled the corporate gifting industry.

Let us show you some of the diaries recently customized for our awesome clients that include startups, MNCs and established corporate houses.

Embossed for customization!
Kraft cover Stick-it pad notebooks!
Digital printed notebooks
What color do you want?
Magnetic buckle, soft leatherette diaries!
Kraft Cover Notebooks — sleek and compact!

The other options include wooden diary, shape-cut notebooks, power bank embedded multi-utility diary, premium black foil printed conference diary and a lot of creative options to choose from.

The reasons vary:

  • For team as an annual gift
  • Company anniversary — token gift to clients/teams
  • For Event Gifting
  • Conference Giveaways
  • Welcome Kit Gift to new joinees
  • and many such usual to unusual reasons that still make brands and companies go with diary as the best gifting option.
If you too are wondering what to gift to you team or client or delegates, drop us a mail at