Gifto Q4 Review- 2.6 Million Transactions and Counting

Gifto Official
Dec 31, 2018 · 11 min read

Where are we on our Q3 Commitments?

Gifto Strategy for Q1:

Key Data for Q4:

Key Milestones of Q4:

More Fiat-to-GTO Gateways through uDiamond-to-GTO Expansion

Gifto in Uplive gets Better with new Social Mechanics and Events

Gifto proves Crypto-Charity with Kooza Campaign event.

Gifto Team Proves its Commitment with Smart Contract Lockup and Token Release Schedule

Andy Tian and Nicholas Ray shape industry thought Leadership

We Announced a Strategic Partnership Asia Blockchain Accelerator

Crypto Girls Reaches new heights with Leek Rap

We launched CoinUp!

A Look At What’s Ahead

2019 Q1 commitments:

Gifto Official

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