Tips to Place Feng Sui Buddha in Your Home

Gift Ocity
Sep 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Many people use Buddha statues, such as the Laughing Buddha statues, as décor accessories which adds a sensation of calmness to the interior. Buddha statues look amazing too and come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. However, Buddha statues are used for a whole different purpose by the people who follow the Chinese geomancy, more popularly known as Feng Sui, to design and decorate their homes.

Feng Sui is based on a set of believe that placing the Buddha statue, the outdoor wind chimes or other items at the right location will allow the people living in that home to feel full benefit from positive energy of the statue.

Here are some Feng Sui tips to help you place the Feng Sui Buddha in the places so that you reap full benefits and stay in perfect harmony with the environment.

In living room

The living room is where the guests are often seated and entertained by the family members. Therefore, it can be a good idea to place the Feng Sui Buddha in living room, so as to get a serene ambience there. The Buddha statue in the living room will not only look great but will balance the energy as well. Make sure that the Buddha statue faces towards the front door.

Facing the entrance of the house

One of the best locations to place a Buddha statue in your home is to place it such that it faces the entrance door of your house. This way, it will repel the negative energy forces which bring evil with it, away from the house. At the same time, it will attract chi or positive energy into the house. Avoid placing the Buddha statue atop a very low stool or on the floor. Instead, it is recommended that you place the statue atop a cabinet or a table that is at least 3 feet high. There are many great wind chimes online that you can buy and put on the entrance door. It keeps evil away.

Academic achievement

Place a Buddha statue in your child’s study area. You can pace it on the study desk, any other desk nearby, or place it on a wall-shelf. Just remember to place it someplace your child can see it while studying. Buddha statue in study area helps introduce positive energy and helps your child achieve academic goals.

In the garden

The gardens are meant for relaxation. Placing a Buddha statue in your garden can work wonders adding a positive, soothing feel to your garden area. If you use your garden for meditation, use a Meditating Buddha statue. And if you use your garden for relaxation, place a statue with Buddha in a reclining pose.

Indoor yoga or meditation

If you perform indoor yoga or meditation, placing a Buddha statue in that area will enhance the level of positive energy in that room. Make sure, you place the statue at least at the eye-level or higher than that, so that you can easily gaze upon the statue while you meditate.

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