Tips & Information About Photo Mugs

As preferred, all types of photo mugs which the online shops offer are suitable for both left-handers as well as right-handed people.

The standard photo mug has maximum printable arena of around 9.6 X 8 cm in terms of width and height respectively. For proper use of this space, people should use photo with the approximate ration of around 6:5.

If the original file has other facet ratio, then the picture needs to be enlarged or zoomed to get the required or proper size and the wider side get printed on the coffee mug completely. For example, anyone selecting a picture of graphic with the facet ration of around 4:3 that also get referred as standard size for the digital photos, then it get printed as around 9.6 X 7.2 cm on the photo mug.

However, the recommended minimum resolution is around 378 X 315 pixels. The online shops inform their customers if provided resolution of the image is adequate for the mug and size in get done in the shop itself by the expert of the selected image. A warning sign might get displayed if it is anticipated that the chosen image will create unsatisfactory outcome on the printing.

Special Note — Due to some manufacturing tolerances, we also recommend the customers to add some texts or messages and vital parts of the picture or graphic minimum 5mm from borders. These photo mugs are also suitable for the dishwashers and microwaves. However, to maintain the quality or the color of the mug clear and bright, it is recommended to wash the mugs with hand to increase its durability.

These mugs can also be a unique gift for your loved ones, with special message and image of that person.

Significant Tips –

One can make a choice from the huge range of several photo mugs

- Mugs with the photo of the receiver

- Design Mugs (Select from various designs and include one or many small personal messages).

- Panoramic Photo Mugs (It include photo covering entire mug).

- Panoramic Photo Mug with impressive design (Select from various designs and add one or more personal messages o r images).

- Two-toned Photo Mugs (In attractive colors like yellow, red, blue, green and black).

  • Magic Photo Mugs (when one pours hot coffee in this type of mugs or Magic mugs, selected image suddenly appears on the outer wall).

Hope above information will definitely help you in choosing right Photo Mug for Gift.


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