The Most Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Your Children

Giving gifts is a wonderful way to tell someone you value them or are thinking of them.The really important things that parents give their children are the ones that they will love, cherish and use for the rest of lives. What type of gifts can we give to our children that they will never forget? What gifts will truly impact their lives and change them forever?

Here are such gifts that your child will never forget if you are deliberate and consistent about giving them.

1.The gift of Motivation and encouragement

Everyone needs to know when they have done well, especially children. A simple ‘well done’ and a few words of encouragement, when they don’t quite make it, will give them the courage to keep trying and that attitude will stay with them into later life.

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2. The gift of Sharing and caring

The importance of sharing is another important lesson that kids have to learn and when they share their candy with their brother or sister, they are learning a lesson that will reap rewards for them in the future.

3.The gift of Imagination

There is a shortage of imaginative energy among children today. Instead of building a fort in the back yard, playing in the sand box or practicing a musical instrument, they spend the bulk of their non-school time engaged with various media. But, why not give them alternatives that greatly stimulate their imagination. Draw, paint, read aloud, build something, take a hike in the woods, cook a meal together, look at the clouds during the day or the stars at night. Be deliberate about offering your child imaginative alternatives to the gadgets that are so ubiquitous.’-canvas—-a-collection-of-handpicked-experiences-for-any-occasion-for-kids-in-ncr-13012?type=per

4.The gift of Honesty

Children who learn the value and importance of honesty at a young age have a far greater opportunity to become honest adults. And honest adults who deal truthfully with others tend to feel better about themselves, enjoy their lives more, and sleep better at night.

5.The gift of Creativity and self expression

Get your hands dirty with your kids and make something. A car made from a cardboard box or butterfly mosaic, all crafts and building work help to get a child’s brain working and they also create some golden memories too.

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6.The gift of Lifelong Learning

A passion for learning is different from just studying to earn a grade or please teachers. It begins in the home. So read, ask questions, analyze, and expose. In other words, learn to love learning yourself.

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Originally published at on October 31, 2014.

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