What Good Gifting Can Do For You?

Ever wonder what’s all this fuss about picking the right gift? Why this entire conundrum surrounding a perfect gift? Why did people decide that good gifting is as important as a confident say-it-all handshake? There is a very simple answer to this and it does not require to be proved scientifically. It is an underlying principle which is, “because it matters”.

Yes, good gifting matters. It obviously matters to the receiver because let’s admit it, who doesn’t like to receive good gifts? But what you might have not taken into notice yet is that giving good gifts can be more important to you than the receiver of your gifts. Let’s explore this thought.

1. What are you gifting?

It is your colleague’s 25thwedding anniversary celebration and you decide to randomly pick up something that was eating dust in your storage since you had your house warming party three years ago. Let’s face it. In doing so, not only are you disregarding your colleague’s efforts at organizing a wonderful party for you but also creating a non-verbal, hostile, however mild, situation with your colleague. It is important to put some thought into your gifts. It shows you care about the receiver’s happiness too.

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2. Whom are you gifting?

You have a friend who likes adventures, sports and travelling. He digs everything to do with trekking, sky diving, photography and snowboarding. There are numerous gift options available as this friend might always want to try out something new or may be his old gear just wore out. But when it comes to gifting him something, instead of gifting him a new experience, you get him a book on spiritualism. Seriously, are you out of your mind? Needless to say, be prepared to receive a whole box of exotic chocolates when you are trying to lose some pounds.

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3. Why are you gifting?

This is a tricky one and perhaps the most important aspect of gifting because intentions matter. Think about it. Why did you get your boss a gift when he got promoted? Why did the lawyer send the judge a Christmas gift? Why did corporate gifting become a trend? The answer is a thinly veiled attempt at making a place in the receiver’s good books. Of course this does not necessarily hold true when you gift out of love to your family and friends. Nevertheless, you make a place in their good books too.

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4.When are you gifting?

A right gift at the right time is as crucial as saying “I do” without a blink of the eyes. The moment must be right or even your carefully selected gift can lose its charm. It is important that you not delay giving/sending a gift. It is also possible that a gift sent prematurely will not be received well. There are a whole lot of gift ideas available to choose from depending on the occasion. It will reflect well upon you if you took some time to check out the options.

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It is increasingly becoming important to pick out a gift that the receiver would connect to and be happy to receive. It has become much easier now with websites such as Giftxoxo.com to find the right gift from the comfort of your home. Good gifting can be a major breakthrough for you at work place, with friends or in family. Besides it never hurts to put a smile on people’s face.

Originally published at blog.giftxoxo.com on October 30, 2014.

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