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Success breeds success; behind every successful entrepreneur lies another successful entrepreneur who planted the seeds of inspiration, self-worth, confidence, strength and determination to take that first step.

The biggest disadvantage for someone stepping onto this path is not having a role model that they can aspire to be as they see themselves in their shoes of success. TechCrunch released a study stating that female founders of venture-backed startups make up only 17% of the entire board with that number staying stagnant for the last 5 years.

Misha M. — GIG9 CEO & Founder

Misha Malik, founder and CEO for GIG9, has taken it upon herself to use GIG9 to help increase that statistic whilst empowering women entrepreneurs everywhere by giving them a voice and a platform to help turn their dreams into a reality. This will also help encourage women to embrace their desire to lead to not only decrease the undeniable gap between men and women in the business world but also inspire balance, respect and camaraderie in the workforce.


GIG9 is a peer-to-peer decentralized self-regulated ecosystem, directly connecting local service providers and users, powered by blockchain-based smart contracts. It connects people who need service (users) to local providers of services (providers) simply by a single tap of your smartphone whilst empowering you with honest reviews, flexible payments, and the ability to watch your provider heading towards your door on the map using GPS mapping technology. Additionally, GIG9 will provide an escrow service powered by smart contracts to ensure that all parties are protected in a transaction. It is an end-to-end solution providing discovery, engagement, job tracking, payment, receipt issuance and review capture.

Misha Malik further explains, “We have found our niche in establishing a direct connection between users and local service providers. Most current freelancing platforms focus on businesses and independent professionals connecting and collaborating remotely. What GIG9 does is provide a personal touch and allow users to get the job done locally with over 150 different types of service providers within their vicinity be it plumbers, electricians, handymen, photographers, nannies, lawyers and so much more.”


The world surely has advanced in every area possible. However, when it comes to female entrepreneurship, a nudge is needed. The understanding that men are the dominant gender when it comes to the world of business needs a shift and GIG9 is ready to rally on with women entrepreneurs all over the world to make this happen.

“It takes a powerful woman like my mother to inspire someone like me to push my boundaries to place my mark on this world and pave the way for something great. I would like to hopefully be someone’s inspiration as I lead my team to launch GIG9 into the market for every woman to know that they, too, can achieve their goals regardless of the current situation, trends or stigma,” exclaims Misha.

Similar to Uber, we operate on a “Provider Navigation System” where users have the ability to actively track the location of their service provider on a map due to our enhanced GPS-mapping technology. This eliminates problems of unwanted delays and irritable time schedules allowing both users and providers to track and plan their schedules accordingly. Additionally, our users can enjoy the benefits of not having to pay any advertising costs, sign up costs or membership fees. They can simply download our easy-to-use app and sign up to an advantageous experience of real reviews, secure transactions and fair pricing since GIG9 is a decentralised peer-to-peer marketplace built on blockchain technology.

This will help inspire female entrepreneurs all over the world to plan for their business or even enhance their own current business when they sign up with GIG9 as we provide the tools necessary to help you in any way possible. Together with GIG9, not only will we change the face of our global economy but we shall also empower and campaign for female entrepreneurship; together, we can break the norm, enforce change and create history.

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