7 Futuristic Music Instruments Make You An Attention Getter

Sometimes we are frustrated that we have no chance to play the music like the professionals. We don’t have enough music knowledge, we have no idea on how to choose a proper instrument. However, these puzzles finally be eased. These futuristic music instruments present a new way to play music. Most importantly, staying cool never ends.

  1. The Owow, a new breed of musical instrument, can make music at home, in the studio or live on stage. It’s OK that you could not read sheet music, for OWOW will also can help you to make music with passion and intuition.

2. The Artiphon seems like a super music instrument. It combines a lot. Strum a guitar, bow a violin, tap a piano, loop a beat –all can be realized on this instrument. I know you want it to play any sounds.

3. Keys, Modular LED Music Keyboard with Gestures, find a new way to approach piano just with magnetic technology. Keys is portable, flexible and accessible, which turns your audio workstation into a traveling creative studio.

4. Alphasphere allows us to express more freely. Alphasphere increases the level of expression available to electronic lovers. Piano keys, beat, DJ stuffs and so on are all available.

5. Soundbrenner Pulse — Wearable Device For Musicians. It helps you feel the beat literally, develops a rock-solid inner sense of rhythm, creates tempo maps or synchronizes the vibrations, etc.

6. Mi.Mu gloves, gesture-control, which allow you to control instruments and computers on stage by using hand gestures.

7. Mogees, transform anything into a musical instrument. Just stick the Mogees sensor to anything around you and play the world!

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