Smartest and Coolest! 7 Drones Make You A Center Of Lens

Celebrities are always envied for they got the spotlight from millions of camera lens. But there are something amazing that you can easily create the aerial footage. You are the center of lens in your real life this time. These smart and cool drones below must be your choices.

  1. PlexiDrone. It is extremely portable that can be taken anywhere in PlexiPack. Professional as it is, PlexiDrone is the stand out one featured with snap-fit detachable arms, retractable landing gear and quick release payload clip.

2. Hexo+. It is the self-flying camera that free your hands. A dedicated app to intuitively control your camera movements that follow and film you.

3. Dji inspire-1, the professional one. Strong carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, unrestricted 360⁰ view. It shoots up to 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos. The lens consists of 9 separate elements. Optional dual-operator control and vision positioning system are included.

4. Born for adventuring. AirDog: Auto-follow Drone for GoPro Camera. Designed for sports enthusiasts, outdoor fans and indie moviemakers.

5. Parrot Bebop Drone. Feather-weight ABS reinforced structure (400g) makes Parrot Bebop Drone robust and safe. The navigation computer features a Parrot P7 dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU and 8 GB of Flash Memory. It generates its own Wi-Fi hotspot.

6. Carbone Flyer. It is packed with technology, including ultra-low drag delta-wing design, dual high power motors, long range Bluetooth 4.0 and a smartphone app, an onboard camera for taking video, carbon nanotube enhanced epoxy creates bonds stronger

7. Snap. 4k camera, auto ground avoidance, precise position awareness. It fits easily in backpack and tracks you automatically.

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