The Light Jet Makes You Dream Of An Awesome Future

Future, a word that can arouse all the attention. If you watched the movie named Tron Legacy, you have been surprised by the awesome works that designed by Daniel Simon. At least, those futuristic stuffs shed some light on the way back to the future. As for the light jet, an amazing concept that will make you dream of a far-away future.

  1. The light fighter, also called as the 3 man light jet, is a small aircraft with super speed. The central couch can rotate and slide to the rear of the craft. The forward-mounted guns are fixed and simply fire in the direction it is facing. Pictures will explain much more.

2. The mono light jet. As the designer noted, the rear view of this single light jet enhances the enclosed pilot position and motorbike-styled controls. The main wings are only connected to V-tail. Besides, the pilot’s arms are extending into the main guns.

Wait a second. There are still many other jets can take you to another planet.
1. Scarab jet. Black in cover and lightly textured.

2. AvA02 Serafim concept jet. The idea behind this jet is to achieve desire to fly at any moment, reach unimaginable heights and go to any place you want.

3. AvA03 Resistance Concept Jet. It has been designed to reach unimagined heights and places.

4. Blade Helicopter.

Anyway, just project yourself into the future world.

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