You Never Know The Feel Of Forest Expedition Through Animal Eyes

Virtual reality experience bring us a way to merge the nature and technology. But seldom can see the world you live through the eyes of an animal. This VR headset named “In the Eyes of an Animal” does take a realistic feel about forest to participants. Hover above the tress, face to HD critters, see through dust and etc.

A remote sensing tech called lidar data will be further explored. Scanning the forest with Lidar scanner makes the points collection accessible, together with CT scanning and photogrammetry will provide advanced audio sensations and highly immersive hyper-realistic experience.

Each scene perfectly blends environmental elements collected by Lidar with other dynamic particles like insects and animals taken from the CT scans.

Luck as it is, many folks have a chance to have a clear understanding in forest through the eye of local inhabitant, thanks to “Marshmallow Laser Feast” created by London-based team. This is the time trip on certain substances in wild.

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