Episode 1: My Journey to Japan and the Beginnings of My AI Adventure

3 min readJun 7


In the first episode of my story, I want to take you back to the beginning, when my fascination with Artificial Intelligence (AI) first took root and led me on an incredible journey to Japan.

The origin story of Gigalogy begins with me, Mosleh Uddin, the founder and CEO of the company. I hail from Bangladesh and embarked on a life-changing journey to Japan in 2009, fueled by a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. In this episode, I’ll share the reasons behind my decision to start Gigalogy after completing my studies at Osaka University and The University of Tokyo, along with my valuable experiences at companies like Rakuten.

As I reflect on my journey, I can’t help but feel immense gratitude for the opportunity to study in Japan. The country’s reputation for technological advancements and its vibrant AI research community were major attractions for me. I was captivated by the prospect of immersing myself in a culture that seamlessly blended tradition with cutting-edge innovation.

Throughout my academic journey, I dedicated myself to the field of AI, specializing in machine learning and AI algorithms. I devoured research papers, attended conferences, and engaged in thought-provoking discussions with fellow enthusiasts.

Upon my arrival in Japan, I was immediately struck by the harmonious blend of tradition and progress that permeated the country. The breathtaking landscapes, bustling cities, and the palpable energy of technological advancement invigorated my spirit. I knew I had made the right decision.

During my time in Japan, I seized every opportunity to connect with esteemed researchers, industry professionals, and like-minded AI enthusiasts. Their wisdom and guidance further fueled my passion and propelled me forward. I had the privilege of working with brilliant minds at renowned institutions and companies, including Rakuten, where I gained valuable experience and honed my skills.

As my knowledge and expertise in AI grew, so did my conviction to create something remarkable. In 2020, I founded Gigalogy, a pioneering company dedicated to providing cutting-edge AI solutions. It was the culmination of my dreams, the manifestation of my unwavering belief in the power of AI to revolutionize industries and improve lives.

With Gigalogy, We aim to bridge the gap between AI research and practical applications, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of AI in their operations. Our goal is to develop innovative solutions that would enhance efficiency, drive growth, and unlock new opportunities across various sectors.

In this first episode of my journey, I’ve shared the story of how my quest for knowledge and experience brought me to Japan, ultimately leading to the creation of Gigalogy. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that would push the boundaries of AI and inspire countless innovations.

Join me in the upcoming episodes as I delve deeper into the fascinating world of AI, sharing the triumphs, the challenges, and the groundbreaking moments that continue to shape Gigalogy’s path and my personal evolution in this ever-evolving field.

To be continued in Episode 2…




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