7 Things They Don’t Tell You about Co2

Growing up, it used to be all about Ozone layer, now it’s CO2 (Carbon dioxide). CO2 is currently at a slightly higher level (400ppm) in our atmosphere than it has been for thousands of years. We’re told this is bad and the public and campaigners rarely bother to question the CO2 driven narrative, even though atmospheric science is full of complexities which even scientists who focus on it know little about. But some facts about CO2 you don’t need to be an expert in atmospheric science to understand. Remember, the the reduction of CO2 is what the entire Al Gore inspired climate change disaster is built upon. No matter how much of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truths have been shown to be false, the CO2 myth is sticking around…

  1. CO2 is vital for plants and trees, without a good level of it they can’t photosynthesise and die. Mass loss of plant life due to low levels of CO2 (carbon starvation) has happened on Earth in the recent past (read about La Brea tar pits) and contributed to mass extinctions of not only plant life but animals that depended on them. Current higher levels of CO2 are contributing to visible increased greening of the planet, plant life is currently flourishing on Earth due to the increased CO2 coming out of the recent ice age(when we’re not cutting forest down). However, we are still quite close to a carbon minimum for plant life (~180ppm).
  2. Current Co2 levels while high for the last hundred years or so, are actually at all time low levels on Earth, there used to be far more CO2 in the atmosphere.
  3. The human contribution to CO2 in the atmosphere is only ~4% of the CO2 total. Considering the human population has increased from a few million to 7+ billion in such a short span of time (with every human being a CO2 emitter themselves with each breath they exhale), this is a small amount of an already trace gas in the atmosphere.
  4. Nearly all CO2 is absorbed by plants and the oceans. We are cutting down huge amounts of forest and tree cover for agriculture, yet why don’t we look at that for reasons for increased CO2 in the atmosphere?
  5. There is evidence that CO2 follows temperature, rather than ‘dictates’ it. If CO2 dictated Earth temperature as we are told, think about Venus. It has an atmosphere of 96% CO2 (!). Yet Venus and Earth have the same temperature when you account for proximity to the Sun. Also consider the 14 year pause of warming starting in 1998 while CO2 levels were at their highest.
  6. CO2 is a tiny fraction of total gases in the atmosphere. Alarmists assert that CO2 traps heat, which is true to an extent (CO2 increases temp in a green house very slightly), but to claim a tiny increase has complete control over Earth’s climate and temperature is scare mongering, and discounts so many other more dominant factors (e.g: THE SUN).

Nitrogen (N2) is around 780,800 ppm (nearly 1,952 times more than total CO2)

Oxygen (O2) is around 209,500 ppm (nearly 524 times more than total CO2)

Argon (Ar) is around 9,297 ppm (nearly 23 times more than total CO2)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is around 400 ppm

7. The entire alarmists argument rests upon one point: CO2 is increasing too fast than is usual for the planet and the planet cannot absorb the additional CO2 produced by human activities. We are upsetting the “natural cycle”. This causes “artificial warming”. So why not focus on stop cutting down trees? We’ve cut down 50% of all rainforest that used to cover the Earth. Call this a crazy denialist idea, but how about we start looking at that as a possible reason CO2 is increasing, considering trees and plants were one of the main carbon dioxide sinks on the planet?

It’s basic logic that the fraction of extra CO2 in our atmosphere could be due to the planet no longer being able to absorb it due to loss of forest cover. The political narrative that CO2 is some kind of ‘poison’, rather than crucial for life has caused huge harm already to people’s lives. Political bodies like European commission and European governments and car companies spent years trying to push people into diesel cars, which spew genuine poison gases having dramatic effects on people’s health all over European cities, due to the “reduce CO2 ” cult like thinking. Many people are not even aware of the reasons why their cities air is so polluted with all sorts of noxious gases, that it is due to the attempt to reduce CO2.

Europeans are all having to repent and feel guilty, paying huge increases in he energy bills of an extra £300–1000 a year (while Chinese, the largest emitter of CO2 in the world, pay about 5 quid per year for all energy bills) over the last decade due to EU driven subsidies and taxes towards funding failed renewable energies, causing quality of life to go down with expendable income of the last decade. CO2 is good for life on Earth, even up to 1000ppm in the atmosphere could be beneficial for life on Earth.

Many climate alarmists pose their arguments around CO2 on purely human timescales. If you go back more than 10,000 years, rather into the millions, you see the CO2 level right now is very low, all time low (In dinosaur eras, CO2 was in the 4000ppms!)., and plants, Earth, and animals flourished, as did our ancestors. The evidence points to a strong buffer protection of CO2 by planet Earth, built up over billion of years.

Part 2, about temperature…..