Football photography Part II

Part One is here. All descriptions have loads of links contained to relevant extra contextual photos, articles and random stuff.

The first Brazilian to ever lift a World Cup trophy, captain Hilderado Bellini. Also the person to begin the tradition of captain raising aloft the trophy. The seminal moment has been captured in a statue that stands outside the Maracana stadium.
Taken in an instant before Cruyff scores, the photo captures everyone frozen- the crowd, the ball, the goalkeeper, the players- in Cruyff time, the man himself a picture of creative energy, manipulating those around him. In pose like a sorcerer conjuring his final trick. One leg twisted and one laser straight, David Copperfield arms. The beached goalkeeper is Daniel Carnevali, who conceded 4 goals during this game, 2 of them from the foot of Cruyff, another assisted by Cruyff (watch here). The Argentina number 10 here, is actually a defender, Heredia.
The Maracana in all it’s teeming frothy glory framing the action, where fermenting in the its cauldron was the single most important moment in Brazilian football history, the historic loss to Uruguay in the final. The 1950 ‘final’, Brazil’s Chico, dressed for the last time in Brazil’s old all white kit, attempts and fails to beat Roque Maspoli in goal for Uruguay. Jules Rimet can be seen here handing the trophy to Uruguay captain, Obdulio Varela.
8 years later in Sweden, Rasunda Stadium, redemption was found for Brazil through 17 year old wonderkid Pele. To me the greatest player ever. it was not just his goals that electrified Brazil and the world, but the way he took them. His first goal in this final being a perfect example — no one could quite believe what they were seeing. 17 years old and running, spinning and looping rings round giant men with a clear license to wipe him out whenever possible. This picture shows him with Garrincha, in all his bow legged glory. Garrincha took the starring role in the next World Cup in 1962, when Pele was at his peak, but sadly injuries meant he missed most of it after starring in the opening game. Garrincha nevertheless led Brazil to a successful defence of their trophy.
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