The new blog that began for a week

I have decided to start a blog.

About what you ask??

Literally anything that pops up in my head. It can be anything that’s caught my interest or I want to vent about or just feel like sharing. It can even be a poem or something I drew or edited… in short anything like I said before.

Today is going to be about my exciting new planner — I went more professional and went for a Franklin Covey planner

and an at-a-glance insert for the planner part itself. I chose a black and white theme I can choose to decorate with stickers a little if I wanted to. However the design is pretty cool on its own.

The coolest part is I got a replica of an old ships coins made out of the silver or other metal found on the ship itself. I’m using that as a bookmark to find my place easier.

I of-course have a million papers kept in my planner so I don’t lose them. But not all of them are really needed. There are some stickers and some recipes that I need to buy the ingredients so I can make them.

And last but not least about my new planner is that I am going to keep my pen in it because it has a notepad in it so I essentially don’t need a notebook because I always have paper in my planner.

— I can finally decrease at least one thing I need to carry with me.

Have a Supercalifragalistic day


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