I spoke out against Men’s Rights and their followers descended.

Gigi Engle
Oct 11, 2016 · 5 min read

I spoke out about the MRA on my podcast and the flocks of angry men that this group attracts descended upon me like a plague. I saw the movie “The Red Pill” this weekend and I walked out a stronger feminist than when I walked in. I discussed my findings on my radio show.

The screenshots in this post are just a taste of what I’ve been getting sent pretty much nonstop from members of the men’s rights activist group since last night. I’ve posted some of the most PG tweets/emails of lot. I’ve gotten hundreds of angry, violent messages in the last 24 hours.

I’m not upset by it. It hasn’t rattled me. I’ve been a woman on the Internet for years. I’ve gotten rape threats on a daily basis. The reason I’m writing this is because I can’t say nothing. I owe it to women everywhere to expose the vile people who are behind this movement. It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month. Now seems like a fitting time to talk about this.

Men already try to control a woman’s womb, look at Washington. Look at the lack of resources afforded to women in the majority of this country. It’s not men who are missing out. Men don’t get to tell me I have to carry a child to term because he wants to be a father. It’s my body.

The suicide rate for men is so high because men aren’t taught how to talk about their feelings. They are told to hold it in. This idea of toxic masculinity stems from a patriarchal society that views men as stronger than women. Is it wrong, yes. But it doesn’t mean men don’t have power and should join together to fight for the perceived rights they are lacking.

I actually found some of the points made in the movie interesting. The suicide rate for men is alarmingly high and they have very few paternal rights. But, that doesn’t make men a disenfranchised group.

Men’s rights is bullshit.

Men’s rights activists are the beta, bottom feeders of men. These are people who couldn’t hack it in the real world, don’t feel like they have any privilege or have been entitled to anything (because they don’t know what male privilege actually is). Each of these men has had some individualized history with a “bad woman” who took his kids, was too angry or who “beat him,” when he was just an innocent victim in all of the horror.

Just in case you were wondering who it is that supports the MRA. The people in this post are the ones who follow the MRA.

The leaders of MRA say they don’t support these groups of radical trolls. They say they don’t consider them a part of the MRA group. But if you are a leader who is so weak that you can’t even tell your followers to stop using words like “rape-tard” and “feminazi.” If you don’t have the balls to put out a press release disavowing these so-called followers who regularly accuse women of lying about rape, calling them crazy, violent and terrible, than you’re unfit to lead.

You have no business helping to fuel the rage inside of these men. They don’t know how to talk about their emotions, they’ve never won at anything, and they are mad as hell for not getting what they believe they’re owed.

They are tired of it and so they went looking for answers.

This group doesn’t attract good, healthy men with strong self-esteem, this group attracts the very lowest of the low. It’s a hub for the confused and the lonely. They have never had a cause and now they do; it’s a cause they are willing to fight and troll for. And it’s extremely sad.

Being a feminist and woman on the Internet has never been an easy task. It’s not just the MRA who have spit vitriol my way over the web. It’s often eye-opening to see the anger and ignorance that still lives on everywhere in the world. I’ve been told I’m going to be raped and murdered, that I’m a whore and a slut. I’ve had many men make multiple Twitter accounts for the sole purpose of harassing me.

There is nothing quite like being called a, “shitty feminist cunt” multiple time, to really put things in perspective.

Don’t confuse me. I don’t hate men. I think men are great. It’s this particular group of men that is fucked up. Anyone who follows the MRA zealots is not a good man. After the amount of angry messages I’ve received, everything I initially believed about this group has only been completely solidified.

Thank you to these men and the hundred-something others who harassed me (and continue to harass me) online. I’m sure the MRA trolls will descend even further once I’ve shared this post. It’s okay. I can take it. I’m not afraid of you.

You’ve made my beliefs in feminism even stronger and have reinvigorated my need to fight for this cause.

Feminism will always be stronger than you.

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Gigi Engle

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