Being Vocal and Non-White on Facebook

Angela Davis, 1974, AP

For the sixth time in two years, I have been banned from Facebook. Not for threatening someone or spouting hatred like Manarchist and Brosocialists United, I Love Being White, Pioneer Little Europe or Southern Brotherhood Militia. It was for the following picture,

a take on President Donald Trump’s statement wanting a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” It’s fine for the President of the United States to say these things, but taking those words and applying them to the most fragile creature on the planet, the white American, garners swift action from Facebook, even though many PoC, trans folx, Muslims, enter your own minority here has to suffer through constant harassment and verbal threats only to be told, when the offending post, picture or comment is brought to Facebook’s attention, that while it was good for us to let them know, it doesn’t violate Facebook’s Community Standards.

Many have been banned or post blocked on Facebook for daring to go against the white supremacy of the world, including but not limited to “allow[ing] people like Roy Cogar to maintain an active account AFTER he inboxed a woman calling her a nigger lover & wishing for her to be gang raped & filmed by a bunch of Black men. The same Facebook standards that have allowed people like Damon Abshire to maintain his account AFTER typing ALL LIVES MATTER EXCEPT ISIS, MUSLIMS, AND MOST OF ALL NIGGERS!!!!!.” Comments on racism will get social justice activists, PoC and anti-racism activist groups a ban for violating vague “Community Standards.” A well known Black Lives Matter activist, Shaun King was banned for posting a racist email he received from a critic.

Facebook is a growing outlet for news, keeping people up to date with the strife and changes within the world, and while they had been caught taking on a liberal lean when it came to trending news, they are still true to the Libertarian roots of Silicon Valley. Yes, it’s a free site, but Facebook has surpassed the idea of it just being a site for connecting with friends. It is now a place where like minded individuals can gather and share ideas, tell the news of hometowns, give the ability to bond with others like you, socially, economically, racially. It is the ability to share and grow ideas, to help out those less fortunate than you, to strengthen community involvement. I, myself, have met many fellow comrades and have learned so much more about my beliefs that I could have on my own. And as a woman of color in a huge white enclave, it’s reassuring to see faces like mine, giving me support.

Facebook has a problem and that problem is silencing the leftist community and people of color. If there was a place to go, that allows leftists and PoC a voice, there wouldn’t be a problem. The free market could take of Facebook, as it were. But there is not. And we’re not going anywhere or silencing our beliefs. So, Mark, you’re just going to have to get used to it.