Is It True Americans Wear Shoes?

You might think this is an odd question, and you would be correct. I took it from another website and I changed it up a little. The original question was, ‘Do Americans wear shoes?’ Can you see a difference? One clap for yes, two for no.

This site claims to own all questions formulated on the site by OPs, or other people. By definition, anyone who is another person is an other person, but it’s a cute little term. The person who answers the question, that person owns his or her answer, let me put that right out there. They also usually own their own shoes, too.

What I am here to do is not to instruct you on the footwear habits of Americans, but to warn you, and the Others, that you are playing with fire if you continue to say, “Hey! How are you?” anymore, because I saw that question there, and I’m telling.

You may say, “Hi, how are you?” You may inquire, “Hello, how ya doin?” Or, “Whassup, dude?” if you so desire and your English teacher doesn’t object. Any of these variations is fine, I just don’t want you to get sued. I’m surprised more people haven’t lost their life savings for holding the fingers of one hand up in a triangle and saying, “Live long and prosper.” Which would be ironic, wouldn’t it?

Originally, I merely wanted to answer the question as to whether me and millions of my fellow countrymen wear shoes.

I wanted to know first who was asking. You’d think with television, news shows, commercials, and magazines, people around the globe would know the answer to this. Americans haven’t had to go barefoot since the 1960s.

Are there super civilized beings on earth who think our flip flops are inadequate and that we’re pushing the envelope daring to call them shoes? They wouldn’t be the first. My grandmother got there before them, and so did the high school I attended. They insisted we wear skirts, even. Not the boys. Not back then.

I found the person who asked this question, and she, or he, is definitely from a more civilized country. I don’t know where it is, but it might be San Francisco.

Regardless, I hope the peoples of the world find and read this post if they are laboring under the slightest misconception that Americans, including our president, for cripe’s sake, don’t wear shoes! That would be the last straw, as far as I’m concerned. The sight of Trump’s bare feet would put me right off my feed.

So, let me close by saying, yes, Americans wear shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, clogs, flip flops, sneakers, Oxfords, high heels, you name it, we got it. I’ll say, “Goodbye” here, but do not expect me to say, “Hey! How are you?” when next we meet.

I can’t afford the law suit.